configPy [ ? Under Construction ]

A tiny Configuration File Parser for Python Projects. Currently Supports JSON files only.


Install the Latest Stable Build – v0.0.7-Testing Build

pip install configParsePy


Use configPy to get your configurations imported to your python code from JSON File.

Import the configPy object from configPy module.

from configPy import configPy 

JSONConfigParser – for JSON Configuration Files

Initiate the JSONConfigParser by passing the JSON config file. Use getConfigurations() method to get the Configuration. The getConfigurations() method returns the configurations as a Dictionary.

importedConfigs = configPy.JSONConfigParser(configFilePath="./sampleConfig.json").getConfigurations()

Use the configurations as a dict object.

print("Module Name: ", importedConfigs["module_name"])
print("Purpose: ", importedConfigs["purpose"])

The whole code for the above example can be found here.


Usage Samples can be found in the examples directory


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