tmuxp, tmux session manager. built on libtmux.

We need help! tmuxp is a trusted session manager for tmux. If you could lend your time to helping answer issues and QA pull requests, please do!

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.. code-block:: shell

$ pip install --user tmuxp

Load a tmux session

Load tmux sessions via json and YAML, tmuxinator_ and
teamocil_ style.

.. code-block:: yaml

session_name: 4-pane-split

  • window_name: dev window
    layout: tiled
    • cd ~/ # run as a first command in all panes
    • shell_command: # pane no. 1
      • cd /var/log # run multiple commands in this pane
      • ls -al | grep .log
    • echo second pane # pane no. 2
    • echo third pane # pane no. 3
    • echo forth pane # pane no. 4

Save as mysession.yaml, and load:

.. code-block:: sh

$ tmuxp load ./mysession.yaml

Sessions in ~/.tmuxp/ can use names:

.. code-block:: sh

$ tmuxp load mysession

Projects with .tmuxp.yaml or .tmuxp.json load via directory:

.. code-block:: sh

$ tmuxp load path/to/my/project/

Load multiple at once (in bg, offer to attach last):

.. code-block:: sh

$ tmuxp load mysession ./another/project/ 

simple_ and very elaborate_ config examples

Store configs in (~/.tmuxp) or include in your project as
~/.tmuxp.{yaml,json}. See author's tmuxp configs_ and the
the projects' tmuxp.yaml_.

Run custom startup scripts (such as installing project dependencies before
loading tmux. See the bootstrap_env.py_ and before_script_ example

You can also load sessions in the background by passing -d flag


Freeze a tmux session

Snapshot your tmux layout, pane paths, and window/session names.

.. code-block:: sh

$ tmuxp freeze session-name

See more about freezing tmux_ sessions.