Elden Ring Proton Patcher

A tool aimed at enhancing the experience when playing the game on linux through proton.


This tool is based on patching the game executable through hex-edits. However it is done in a safe and non-destructive way, that ensures the patched executable is never run with EAC enabled. Use at your own risk!


  • set custom frame time limits (e.g. 30, 90, 165, …)
  • disable black borders when using resolutions with an aspect ratio other than 16:9 (e.g. ultrawide).
  • vigniette removal


  1. Copy the file er-patcher to the game directory.
  2. In steam, set the game launch options to ./er-patcher ARGS -- %command% where ARGS is replaced with a combination of
  • -r RATE or --rate RATE for setting a custom framerate cap (default: 60)
  • -u or --ultrawide for removing black bars
  • -v or --disable-vigniette for removing the vigniette overlay
  • Example: ./er-patcher --rate 30 -uv -- %command%
  • Example with mangohud and wine fullscreen fsr: ./er-patcher --rate 144 -uv -- env WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 MANGOHUD=1 MANGOHUD_CONFIG=histogram %command%
  1. Launch the game through steam. er-patcher automatically launches a patched version of eldenring.exe with EAC disabled.


It also work just as well on windows. The only difference is, that you need to run the script via your Python 3 installation. The following launch option line works in case you installed Python from Microsoft Store:

python er-patcher --rate 165 -uv -- %command%

How it works

When the game is launched through steam, the tool creates a patched version of eldenring.exe in a temporary subdirectory while leaving the original intact. The tool then modifies the steam launch command to launch the patched executable instead of start_protected_game.exe. This ensures that the patched exe is never run with EAC enabled. After the game is closed, the patched executable is removed.


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