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A tool for converting Wavefront OBJ files to multiple MuJoCo meshes grouped by material.

Currently, MuJoCo does not support OBJ files with groups or objects (i.e., o or g). Furthermore, only 1 material can be assigned per mesh. This tool is designed to split such OBJ files into sub-meshes grouped by material. The resulting sub-meshes can then be used as a drop-in replacement for the original OBJ file. The result is vastly enhanced visuals for your model:

Before After


The recommended way to install this package is via PyPI:

pip install obj2mjcf

If you additionally install V-HACD 4.0, this tool will create a convex decomposition of the mesh to use as the collision geometry.


usage: obj2mjcf [-h] --obj-dir STR [--use-vhacd] [--save-mtl] [--save-mjcf] [--verbose] [--vhacd-args.max-output-convex-hulls INT]
                [--vhacd-args.voxel-resolution INT] [--vhacd-args.volume-error-percent FLOAT] [--vhacd-args.max-recursion-depth INT]
                [--vhacd-args.disable-shrink-wrap] [--vhacd-args.fill-mode {FLOOD,SURFACE,RAYCAST}] [--vhacd-args.max-hull-vert-count INT]
                [--vhacd-args.disable-async] [--vhacd-args.min-edge-length INT] [--vhacd-args.split-hull]

required arguments:
  --obj-dir STR         path to a directory containing obj files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --use-vhacd           create a convex decomposition for the collision geom
  --save-mtl            save the mtl files
  --save-mjcf           save an example MJCF file
  --verbose             print verbose output

optional vhacd args arguments:
  arguments to pass to V-HACD

  --vhacd-args.max-output-convex-hulls INT
                        maximum number of output convex hulls (default: 64)
  --vhacd-args.voxel-resolution INT
                        total number of voxels to use (default: 400000)
  --vhacd-args.volume-error-percent FLOAT
                        volume error allowed as a percentage (default: 1.0)
  --vhacd-args.max-recursion-depth INT
                        maximum recursion depth (default: 14)
                        do not shrink wrap output to source mesh
  --vhacd-args.fill-mode {FLOOD,SURFACE,RAYCAST}
                        fill mode (default: FLOOD)
  --vhacd-args.max-hull-vert-count INT
                        maximum number of vertices in the output convex hull (default: 64)
                        do not run asynchronously
  --vhacd-args.min-edge-length INT
                        minimum size of a voxel edge (default: 2)
                        try to find optimal split plane location


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