This project is a tool for making a everyday video, which is timelapse video or slides video, of images but for face of a person, this if you take a picture of yourself everyday and you want to appreciate how you are getting old. In this readme file there're the instructions for running the dev-working environment and the


I made this repo to explain some of my students the basic concepts of git in practice, removing, and modifying some parts of the code, making issues, and PR (pull request), also to show them some practices of coding, documentation, virtual environments, container, and dependencies for developments.

Installation & Requirements

A recommendation is to use VS Code as the main IDE for development. Make sure you also have installed in your host:

  1. docker-ce
  2. docker-compose
  3. Remote development[extension]
  4. Ubuntu 20.04

Drawbacks & Enhancements

  • [ENHACEMENT]: Add support to operate/modify the image (rotate, move, scale), and save/load this settings for every file, although auto-fit face is working really well.
  • [ENHACEMENT]: the visuals and graphic user interface could be better.
  • [FEATURE]: Remove somehow the background of the image and take only the person shape, body or face only.
  • [FEATURE]: Add filters to the faces :)
  • [FEATURE]: Key to remove/ignore file in the dataset

If you think in more incredible ideas, create a issue with the correct label: issue, enhancement, bug, etc ...