A tool for rapid scientific plots and analysis

The aim of this project is to develop free and open source application that can serve as all-in-one package to plot and analysze scientific plots. As a physicist in North Carolina State University, this project had started as a result of my desire to have a tool to boost my efficiency during my PhD studies. Dealing with multiple instruments and tools can become frustrating during the analysis of the scientific data. As a result, I aim to address this issue by developing this simple software with graphical user interface.

If you find this project helpful for your own studies, please don’t hesitate to contribute.

I am planning to publish demo videos here .

Intro video can be found in this link. I highly suggest watching this video in order to get started with the software.

The main purpose of this software is to combine mutliple data types from various scientific instruments under single data structure so that they can all be combined in one software environment. Please disregard sudden crashes on the released binary files (Graphxyz.exe and, as they are due to unhandled exceptions, I need to work on those. Those releases are for experimental purposes and far from being stable (yet). Source file should work without major issues.

Documentation is also under construction. You are welcome to try without any guidance until then using the intro video above.



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