Syslog Simulator is a tool that allows ready or user-added logs to be sent to the specified addresses and port with syslog in the selected loop.


­čÜÇWhat is

It is an open source tool that allows sending logs in readable format that you can edit according to your wishes, as well as various hardware and software logs, to the target machine.


It is run with Python3 by entering the following configurations.

python3 -s -s -s -p 514 -P tcp -r 1 -d 0.1
  • -s veya --server
    • Gereklilik : Zorunlu
    • ├çoklu Kullan─▒m : Evet
  • -p veya --port
    • Gereklilik : ─░ste─če Ba─čl─▒
    • Default : 514
  • -d veya --delay
    • Gereklilik : ─░ste─če Ba─čl─▒
    • Default : 0.5 saniye
  • -P veya --protocol
    • Gereklilik : ─░ste─če Ba─čl─▒
    • Default : udp
  • -r veya --rotate
    • Gereklilik : ─░ste─če Ba─čl─▒
    • Default : 1
    • ­čöö E─čer 10 de─čeri girilirse s─▒n─▒rs─▒z rotate olu┼čacakt─▒r.

­čô░Example Log Packages

Example logs used for Syslog Simulator were obtained from repo.

ÔĆ│Development and Adding Resources

### Yeni Kaynak Ekleme