G-Earth extensions

A simple project to automate some stuffs in Habbo with G-Earth

➤ Getting Started

If you want contribute on this project, first you need to make a git clone:

  1. git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/lpmatos/g-extensions.git -b master

This will give you access to the code on your local machine.

➤ Prerequisites

Before you start developing on this project you need to install some tools on your local machine:

Develop tools

  • python

G-Earth tools

  • java version 8

Support tools

  • npm, make, pre-commit

➤ Installing

To install support dependencies that handle commit and release standards, run the command:

make install

This shareable configuration use the following dependencies:

For more information, access the CONTRIBUTING file.

➤ Description


G-Earth + G-Python allows you to create simple scripts for Habbo and run them on the fly! So in this project we created a pattern to hinder the creation of these scripts.

➤ Commands

  • !awake on: enable the mode for you to stay awake always
  • !awake off: disable the mode for you to stay awake always