R5R Map Editor

A tool to build maps out of props in the Apex Legends mod, R5Reloaded


  1. Install R5R
  2. Download this program
  3. Get the prop spawner tool
  4. In the console, type editor to enable editing mode
  5. Click to place the selected model
    1. To change the model, type model [model name]
  6. In the console, hit copy
  7. Paste the logs in to a text file and save it
  8. Run main.py and specify the input and output files to use
  9. Copy the contents of the output file to the bottom of vscripts\mp\levels\mp_rr_desertlands_common.nut
  10. Inside the functtion EntitiesDidLoad(), paste SpawnEditorProps()
  11. Launch World’s Edge

Join the official Discord server for R5Reloaded: SAjuUWXNdS