A tool to build scripts to toggle between minimal & default services in Windows based on user defined lists.



I am not responsible for damage caused to computer. This tool is powerful & for advanced users only. There is a risk of damaging your operating system if you disable core services that are required for windows to function correctly. It is your responsibility to use suitable service configurations for your specific operating system. It is also recommended that you use this tool before installing any programs as any other services not defined in the lists will be disabled (e.g services installed by anticheats, or you could simply enable them after building the scripts but the first method is recommended).


  • Download the latest release from the releases tab.

  • [Required] Import your service list seperated by new lines into automatic.txt & manual.txt. Whatever services you do not specify in these text files will get disabled.

    • Note: The scripts will not handle dependencies. You will need to modify the code in the batch scripts to do so or simply do not disable services that are dependent on others in your minimal list.
  • [Optional] You can also import a list of drivers to be disabled seperated by new lines in drivers_to_disable.txt

    • Note: The scripts will not handle lowerfilters & upperfilters for drivers. You will need to modify the code in the batch scripts to do so or simply do not disable drivers with associated filters.
  • Additionally you can include toggling of executables that run in the background when building the scripts. These can be changed in config.json by setting the values to true.

    Runtimebroker (Windows 8+)
    ShellExperienceHost (Windows 10+)
    StartMenuExperienceHost (Windows 10 1903+)


        "disable_RuntimeBroker": false,
        "disable_ShellExperienceHost": false,
        "disable_StartMenuExperienceHost": false
  • Run main.exe to build the scripts.

Toggle scripts usage

  • The scripts will be built in the build folder, you can move & rename this folder to a directory of your choice. Nsudo is required to run the scripts with with “Enable All Privilages” checkbox enabled to prevent errors when writing to registry.


  • After running Toggle-Disable.bat with Nsudo, all services except those that i defined in the lists will be disabled. (This list was used on Windows 10 1709)


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