YouTube data scraper

To easily scrape any data from the youtube homepage, a youtube channel/user, search results, playlists, and a single video itself. Requires Python 3.6+


$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Help Menu

$ python3 -h
Works with: YouTube Homepage, youtube search, channel/user, video, and playlists

Usage: [OPTIONS]
	--link		 	YouTube link
	--api	 		Google/YouTube API key
	--comments		Get comments from YouTube videos
				   [turning on will increase program run time]
	--subtitles		Get subtitles from YouTube videos
	--durationseconds	Get seconds from YouTube video duration
	--version       	List version release
	--help          	This help menu

Example: --link [youtube_link] --api [your_api_key] --comments --subtitles --durationseconds

Supported YouTube Link Styles:

Sample Output

$ python3 --link --api 6d5f807e23db210bc254a28be2d6759a0f5f5d99 --comments
[WDM] - Current google-chrome version is 87.0.4280
[WDM] - Get LATEST driver version for 87.0.4280
[WDM] - Driver [/Users/me/.wdm/drivers/chromedriver/87.0.4280.88/chromedriver] found in cache
Navigating Youtube: |██████████████████████████████████████████████████| 100.0% 
Processing Videos: |██████████████████████████████████████████████████| 100.0% 
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Get your YouTube API Key

Medium tutorial: (follow steps 1-3 no need to install the module)