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A tool to inform the general Russian population about what’s going on in year 2022 on Ukraine via
posting 5-star reviews to Yandex.

List of contributors available in a separate file.

How to use it?

At first, create a Yandex account. Make sure that you’re able to log-in, ie. activate all mail and SMS passwords.

Then install Python 3.10, necessarily adding Python to PATH.

Then enter command line and type:

pip install yandex-conqueror
python -m conqueror <yandex email> <yandex password>

Note that the browser window has to open in order for this to work. Ie. this cannot and will not work
headless. Ie. you can’t run this on a server without X.


Why Cassandra?

Because we had a spare instance, and it doesn’t require auth password (by default). Which is totally fine,
as our Cassandra is not exposed externally.

Aren’t you afraid that your counter will get hacked?

If we do, we’ll block the offending e-mail addresses. Or we’ll just add a whitelist with a couple
of supported ones. We’ll see how the situation develops…


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