TorchArrow (Warning: Unstable Prototype)

This is a prototype library currently under heavy development. It does not currently have stable releases, and as such will likely be modified significantly in backwards compatibility breaking ways until beta release (targeting early 2022). If you have suggestions on the API or use cases you would like to be covered, please open a GitHub issue. We would love to hear thoughts and feedback.

TorchArrow is a torch.Tensor-like Python DataFrame library for data preprocessing in deep learning. It supports multiple execution runtimes and Arrow as a common format.

It plans to provide:

  • Python Dataframe library implementing streaming-friendly Pandas subset
  • Seamless handoff with PyTorch or other model authoring, such as Tensor collation and easily plugging into PyTorch DataLoader and DataPipes
  • Zero copy for external readers via Arrow in-memory columnar format
  • High-performance CPU backend via Velox
  • GPU backend via libcudf
  • High-performance C++ UDF support with vectorization



Coming soon!

From Source

If you are installing from source, you will need Python 3.8 or later and a C++17 compiler. Also, we highly recommend installing an Miniconda environment.

Get the TorchArrow Source

git clone --recursive
cd torcharrow
# if you are updating an existing checkout
git submodule sync --recursive
git submodule update --init --recursive

Install Dependencies

On MacOS

HomeBrew is required to install development tools on MacOS.

# Install dependencies from Brew
brew install --formula ninja cmake ccache protobuf icu4c boost gflags glog libevent lz4 lzo snappy xz zstd

# Build and install other dependencies
scripts/ ranges_v3 googletest fmt double_conversion folly re2

On Ubuntu (20.04 or later)

# Install dependencies from APT
apt install -y g++ cmake ccache ninja-build checkinstall \
    libssl-dev libboost-all-dev libdouble-conversion-dev libgoogle-glog-dev \
    libbz2-dev libgflags-dev libgtest-dev libgmock-dev libevent-dev libfmt-dev \
    libprotobuf-dev liblz4-dev libzstd-dev libre2-dev libsnappy-dev liblzo2-dev \
# Build and install Folly

Install TorchArrow

For local development, you can build with debug mode:

DEBUG=1 python develop

And run unit tests with

python -m unittest -v

To install TorchArrow with release mode (WARNING: may take very long to build):

python install


This 10 minutes tutorial provides a short introduction to TorchArrow. More documents on advanced topics are coming soon!

Future Plans

We hope to sufficiently expand the library, harden APIs, and gather feedback to enable a beta release at the time of the PyTorch 1.11 release (early 2022).


TorchArrow is BSD licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.


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