Ralph is a command-line tool to fetch, extract, convert and push your tracking logs (aka learning events) from various storage backends to your LRS or any other compatible storage or database backend.

Quick start guide

Ralph is distributed as a standard python package; it can be installed via pip or any other python package manager (e.g Poetry, Pipenv, etc.):

$ pip install ralph-malph

Once installed, the ralph command should be available in your PATH. Try to invoke the program usage thanks to the --help flag:

$ ralph --help

You should see a list of available commands and global flags for ralph. Note that each command has its own usage that can be invoked via:

$ ralph COMMAND --help

You should substitute COMMAND by the target command, e.g. list, to see its usage.


We try our best to maintain an up-to-date reference documentation for this project. If you intend to install, test or contribute to ralph, we invite you to read this documentation and give us feedback if some parts are unclear or your use case is not (or poorly) covered.