This repository contains the dataset link and the code for our paper A Transformer-Based Feature Segmentation and Region Alignment Method For UAV-View Geo-Localization, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. Thank you for your kindly attention.


  1. Download the University-1652 dataset
  2. Configuring the environment
    • First you need to configure the torch and torchision from the pytorch website
    • pip install -r requirement.txt

Download pre-training weights

You can download the pre-training weight from the following link and put them in the pretrain_model folder

  1. Baidu Driver code: 52n2

  2. Google Driver

Train and Test

We provide scripts to complete FSRA training and testing

  • Change the data_dir and test_dir paths in train_test_local.sh and then run:
bash train_test_local.sh


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