# installing the latest signed release
pip install twitter-ads

Quick Start

from twitter_ads.client import Client
from twitter_ads.campaign import Campaign
from twitter_ads.enum import ENTITY_STATUS

CONSUMER_KEY = 'your consumer key'
CONSUMER_SECRET = 'your consumer secret'
ACCESS_TOKEN = 'access token'
ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET = 'access token secret'
ACCOUNT_ID = 'account id'

# initialize the client
client = Client(

# load the advertiser account instance
account = client.accounts(ACCOUNT_ID)

# load and update a specific campaign
campaign = account.campaigns().next() = 'updated campaign name'
campaign.entity_status = ENTITY_STATUS.PAUSED

# iterate through campaigns
for campaign in account.campaigns():

Command Line Helper

# The twitter-ads command launches an interactive session for testing purposes
# with a client instance automatically loaded from your .twurlrc file.

~ ❯ twitter-ads

For more help please see our Examples and Guides or check the online Reference Documentation.

Rate-limit handling and request options

client = Client(
        'handle_rate_limit': True,
        'retry_max': 3,
        'retry_delay': 5000,
        'retry_on_status': [404, 500, 503],
        'retry_on_timeouts': True,
        'timeout': (1.0, 3.0)

| --- | --- | --- |
| Parameter | Default | Description |
| handle_rate_limit | False (boolean) | Set True will check rate-limit response header and sleep if the request reached the limit (429). |
| retry_max | 0 (int) | The number of times you want to retry when response code is found in retry_on_status. |
| retry_delay | 1500 (int) | The number of milliseconds you want to sleep before retry. |
| retry_on_status | [500, 503] (list) | The response codes you want to retry on. You can only set >= 400 status codes. |
| retry_on_timeouts | False (boolean) | Set True will catch the timeout error and retry the request. |
| timeout | None | You can specify either a single value OR a tuple. If a single value is specified, the timeout value will be applied to both the connect and the read timeouts. See for more details of the usage. |

Compatibility & Versioning

This project is designed to work with Python 3.5 or greater. While it may work on other version of Python, below are the platform and runtime versions we officially support and regularly test against.

Platform Versions
CPython 3.5, 3.6, 3.7
PyPy 7.x

All releases adhere to strict semantic versioning. For Example, major.minor.patch-pre (aka. stick.carrot.oops-peek).


If you’d like to contribute to the project or try an unreleased development version of this project locally, you can do so quite easily by following the examples below.

# clone the repository
git clone [email protected]:twitterdev/twitter-python-ads-sdk.git
cd twitter-python-ads-sdk

# install dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt

# installing a local unsigned release
pip install -e .

We love community contributions! If you’re planning to send us a pull request, please make sure read our Contributing Guidelines first.

Feedback and Bug Reports

Found an issue? Please open up a GitHub issue or even better yet send us a pull request. Have a question? Want to discuss a new feature? Come chat with us in the Twitter Community Forums.

Error Handling

Like the Response and Request classes, the Ads API SDK fully models all error objects for easy error handling.



GitHub - twitterdev/twitter-python-ads-sdk: A Twitter supported and maintained Ads API SDK for Python.
A Twitter supported and maintained Ads API SDK for Python. - GitHub - twitterdev/twitter-python-ads-sdk: A Twitter supported and maintained Ads API SDK for Python.