This piece of code is a User Welcomer with Image Manipulation using Python and Pillow (PIL). Since I haven’t found any good solutions on this I decided to code it myself and upload it on GitHub so everybody can use it 🙂 Everything can be adjusted to your preferences. The whole code is commented so you know what the line does and what to change for your Bot!

== Deploy and Host ==

If you need help with deploying your bot and hosting it so it is online 24/7 you can contact me on Discord (Bero#6666)! I offer you to host up to 5 Bots for only 5$/month! Your code is 100% secure and won’t be published anywhere. Also my Server has a good performance so you shouldn’t be afraid of high response times! 😉

Don’t mind sending me a friend request! I will try to answer all of your questions and problems.

Contact: Discord: Bero#6666 Telegram: @Bero_06

Have Fun! 🙂 -Bero <3


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