Automate Mixdown initialization

A script that transfers all the VSTs on your MIDI tracks to a new track so you can freeze your MIDI tracks and then copies the VSTs back over for you and deletes the new tracks


  1. Copy paste the downloaded/cloned repository in your Remote Scripts folder. Refer to the link to find out where the folder is for your OS:

  2. Select “ableton-mixdown-automation” in Preferences > Link/MIDI

  3. Go to: or localhost:5010 in your browser and follow the instructions


It cannot freeze and flatten your tracks automatically as the Ableton API does not allow that.
Tested on Ableton 10.1.18 on Windows. I welcome contributions and/or issues so I can also adapt it for OSX/Ableton 11 if it does not work without changes.
The web interface sucks but does the job lol
Errors? Wanna debug? Check log.txt or see the code, it’s very straightforward.



Contributions, feedback and suggestions welcome.


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