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A Telegram bot to turn all media and documents files to web link .

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🍁 About This Bot :


This bot will give you stream links for Telegram files without the need of waiting till the download completes

♢ How to make your own :

Either you could locally host or deploy on Heroku

💜 Heroku


Deploy on Railway

♢ Click on This Drop-down and get more details

Deploy on Heroku :
  1. Fork This Repo
  2. Click on the button to Deploy and follow steps

So Follow Above Steps 👆 and then deploy other wise bot won’t work

Press the below button to Fast deploy on Heroku


then goto the variables tab for more info on setting up environmental variables.



💥Superfast⚡️ download and stream links.
💥No ads in generated links.
💥Superfast interface.
💥Along with the links you also get file information like name,size ,etc.
💥Updates channel Support.
💥Mongodb database support for broadcasting.
💥Password Protection.
💥User Freindly Interface.
💥Ping check.
💥User DC Check.
💥Real time CPU , RAM , Internet usage.
💥Custom Domain support.
💥All unwanted code removed.
💥Removes forwarded tag in channel.
💥A lot more tired of writing check out by deploying it.

Host it on VPS Locally :

git clone
cd Filestreambot-pro
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 -m Code_X_Mania

and to stop the whole bot,

Setting up things

If you’re on Heroku, just add these in the Environmental Variables
or if you’re Locally hosting, create a file named config.env in the root directory and add all the variables there.
An example of config.env file:

Vars and Details :

API_ID : Goto to obtain this.

API_HASH : Goto to obtain this.


BOT_TOKEN : Get the bot token from @BotFather

BIN_CHANNEL : Create a new channel (private/public), add @missrose_bot as admin to the channel and type /id. Now copy paste the ID into this field.

OWNER_USERNAME : U should be knowing it afterall it’s your username dont remember ? it just go to settings!

OWNER_ID : Your Telegram User ID

DATABASE_URL : MongoDB URI for saving User IDs when they first Start the Bot. We will use that for Broadcasting to them. I will try to add more features related with Database. If you need help to get the URI you can ask in Me Telegram.

Option Vars

UPDATES_CHANNEL : Put a Public Channel Username, so every user have to Join that channel to use the bot. Must add bot to channel as Admin to work properly.

BANNED_CHANNELS : Put IDs of Banned Channels where bot will not work. You can add multiple IDs & separate with Space.

SLEEP_THRESHOLD : Set a sleep threshold for flood wait exceptions happening globally in this telegram bot instance, below which any request that raises a flood wait will be automatically invoked again after sleeping for the required amount of time. Flood wait exceptions requiring higher waiting times will be raised. Defaults to 60 seconds.

WORKERS : Number of maximum concurrent workers for handling incoming updates. Defaults to 3

PORT : The port that you want your webapp to be listened to. Defaults to 8080

WEB_SERVER_BIND_ADDRESS : Your server bind adress. Defauls to

NO_PORT : If you don’t want your port to be displayed. You should point your PORT to 80 (http) or 443 (https) for the links to work. Ignore this if you’re on Heroku.

FQDN : A Fully Qualified Domain Name if present. Defaults to WEB_SERVER_BIND_ADDRESS

How to Use :

⚠️ Before using the bot, don’t forget to add the bot to the BIN_CHANNEL as an Admin

/start : To check if the bot is alive or not.

To get an instant stream link, just forward any media to the bot and boom, its fast af.


Channel Support

Bot also Supported with Channels. Just add bot Channel as Admin. If any new file comes in Channel it will edit it with Get Download Link Button.

Credits :


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