A very simple Editor.js parser written in pure Python.

Soon-to-be published on PyPI.


  • Automatically convert Editor.js’s JSON output to HTML;
  • Sanitization and automatic anchor link converting done by using bleach;
  • Supports Tailwind CSS by default;
  • WYSIWYG – output is made to look as similar to editor as possible.

Basic Usage:

pyEditorJS requires Python 3.6 or newer. It is very simple to get started:

from pyeditorjs import load

DATA = ... # JSON string/dict of Editor.js output data
HTML = load(DATA)

print(HTML) # HTML str

You can then pass the HTML string to a parser like BeautifulSoup to beautify or modify the result HTML.

See example.json => example.html files in this project’s GitHub repository for sample outputs.


  1. Add support for all out-of-box Editor.js elements;
  2. Do a PyPI release (using GH actions);
  3. Add support for more blocks from Editor.js extensions


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