First of all, I want explained the situation of the problem.

VirtualBox is a virtualization technology that allows you to create virtual machines on your computer. It's ok for all? Because for me, it's not. And it's not a problem of the virtualization technology. It's a problem of the CLI (Command Line Interface) of VirtualBox. I get it from the fact that VirtualBox is a GUI application but you dont always have a GUI application or you just don't want to get it on server if you run VirtualBox on a remote server.

I know it exist VirtualBox API for Python. But in remote server, you can't use VirtualBox API for Python. So, I need to use VBoxManage CLI or another alternative (that does not exist).

For that reason, I created this a small script that will help you to manage your virtual machines. I hope you will like it.

With time I will improve it.

Additional information:

- [x] List all virtual machines
- [x] List all running virtual machines
- [x] Basic management of virtual machines (start, stop, pause)
- [ ] Create a new virtual machine
- [ ] Delete a virtual machine
- [ ] Clone a virtual machine
- [ ] Rename a virtual machine
- [ ] Change size of disk of a virtual machine
- [ ] Change the memory of a virtual machine
- [ ] Change the network of a virtual machine
- [ ] SSH key's support
- [ ] Snapshot support
- [ ] Export/Import virtual machine
- [ ] Verbose information of virtual machine

How to use:


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