Build an Artificial Assistant

Full tutorial (video)

To watch the tutorial, click on the image below

Watch the video-- Build your own Alexa


For windows users

(run those in command prompt/cmt/terminal)
For the robot to listen to our voice/speech
pip install speechRecognition

To speak out, or text to speech
pip install pyttsx3

For advance control on browser
pip install pywhatkit

To get wikipedia data
pip install wikipedia

To get funny jokes
pip install pyjokes

For linux users

Learn all the above commands on terminal. Make sure to use pip3, because in linux pip refers for python2 and pip3 refers to python3.
Install these too –
pip3 install pyAudio

In case any error pops up install this –
pip3 install portAudio


If you encounter any problems feel free to open a new issue. Before that check other closed issues and check if your issue matches with any older issues.


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