VS Code Virtual Assistant

This is a vscode extension with a Virtual Assistant that you can play with when you are bored or you need help. Its currently work in progress and more features will be added soon in the future!

Current Features:

  1. AI Chat >>
    You can casually chat with the bot. The bot can entertain you by telling you stories, news, jokes, etc.

  2. Wikipedia search >>
    If you type wiki [query] in the command palette and replace [query] with whatever you want to search, the virtual assistant will provide you with certain results regarding your query


  1. Install the extension through the vscode marketplace.
  2. Open your command palette with Ctrl + P.
  3. Type >Chat in the command palette to use the chat feature of the bot (an input box pops up where you can send messages to the Virtual Assistant).
  4. If you want to use the wikipedia search feature, just type wiki [query] in the input box (not the command palette) and replace [query] with whatever you want to search.


(All requirements are installed by the extension if you have python, but incase it doesnt work, please cross check.)

  1. Python 3.6+
  2. Requests library -> pip install requests
  3. PyTTSx3 library -> pip install pyttsx3
  4. Wikipedia library -> pip install wikipedia