pokeemerald warp randomizer

Randomizes the warps in a stock pokeemerald repo.

Usage Instructions

  • Install networkx and matplotlib via pip3 or similar.
  • Set POKEEMERALD environment variable to the path to your pokeemerald/ folder
  • Edit rand_idx at the top of the file to the seed to start searching from.
  • Ensure that the repo has not already been randomized, or the script will not work!
  • python3 randomizer.py
  • The script will search for randomized layouts which pass completability tests. This can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour.
    • “Completable” is defined as a series of pathfinding routes from the first gym to the last gym to the Elite 4, including required story events and in-order. As such, it is highly likely that sequence breaks will allow faster completion. The pathfinding routes do not use Cut, Fly nor the bikes.
    • Current average amount of viable generated seeds is about 1 in 20,000.
  • After a seed is found, map JSONs will be modified and pokeemerald can be compiled


There are no guarantees on softlocking prevention, though several precautions are taken:

  • Littleroot Town is frozen to guarantee the player gets a Pokemon.
  • The Elite 4 are all frozen to enforce gym completion (but may be configurably unfrozen later?).
  • Petalburg Woods is currently frozen, but may be unfrozen later.
  • Mossdeep City Gym is frozen, due to complexity with verifying the puzzle can be completed with warps altered.
  • Petalburg Gym is frozen, due to doors being tied to trainers (high softlock potential).
  • Shoal Cave is frozen due to tides.
  • Trick House is frozen to prevent breakage.
  • Trainer Hill is frozen to prevent breakage.
  • Regi Tombs are frozen due to the Braille wall (but may be unfrozen later?).
  • The Mt. Chimney Cable Car is not randomized and will always travel between stations (the entrances and exits, however, are randomized).

Pathfinding Structure

  • By default, all warps are connected bidirectionally to a central node (ie, MAP_PETALBURG_CITY_WARP0..N will connect to MAP_PETALBURG_CITY)
  • Connections are a bidirectional edge between central map nodes (ie, MAP_PETALBURG_CITY <-> MAP_ROUTE102)
  • For maps with ledges, edges can be cut in either direction.
  • Maps with partitioning generally forgo the central node and connect warps directly to each other.
  • Edges which require HMs or story flags will have an additional attribute requires, and during the completion tests these edges are cut if flags haven’t yet been obtained.


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