A watchdog and logger to Discord for hosting ScPrime servers. Designed to work on Linux servers. This is only capable of sending the logs from the commands spc host and spc wallet.


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Setting Up

Download and Install

  • Download the files and place them in any folder on your server. Ensure you have root access.
  • Set up the proper permissions. These can be done with the following commands:

chmod 774
chmod 774
  • Run the file. This will install pip and if you don’t have them already.


  • Open config.json
  • Discord_Webhook_URL >> Enter your Discord webhook URL. You can find help here.
  • ScPrime Install Path >> Enter the path to your ScPrime server.
  • Auto Run Daily >> Enter whether you want the file to run daily by itself. If not, you may want to schedule it with a cron job.
  • Display Wallet Information >> Whether to display your wallet information from spc wallet.
  • Display Host Information >> Whether to display your host information from spc host

Every other entry in the config file can be set to true or false. If you want the Discord alert to notify you for those statistics, set them to true. All entries follow structured indentation for categories and subvalues.


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