TTY youtube client

its finally here, the one thing literally NO ONE ASKED FOR!!

A way to run youtube videos in TTY


  • (pip) yt-search
  • (system) mplayer
  • (system) yt-dlp
  • (system) fbdev2
  • (system) pulseaudio

arch dependencies install: # pacman -S pulseaudio f86-video-fbdev yt-dlp && pip3 install yt-search

debian dependencies install: # apt-get install pulseaudio xserver-xorg-video-fbdev && pip install --no-deps -U yt-dlp && pip3 install yt-search

if you use another distro I’m sure you can figure it out 😉

to run it either do ./ or python3


GitHub - ProgrammerIn-wonderland/ttube at
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