Stream sports events straight from your Jellyfin server. Sportyfin allows users to scrape for live
streamed events and watch straight from Jellyfin. Sportyfin also generates meta-data that is used
in Jellyfin to provide a great viewing experience.

Currently, Sportyfin supports NBA, NHL, NFL and Premier League livestreams, but we plan to support other leagues in the future.


To install Sportyfin with your running instance of Jellyfin, follow the steps bellow:

pip install sportyfin --no-binary=sportyfin

To uninstall the program:

pip uninstall sportyfin


We highly recommend running Sportyfin in combination with tmux, or something similar.

Example usage:

python3 -m sportyfin #arguments

Start the sportyfin server as follows:

# -nba specifies finding streams for the NBA
# -s allows sportyfin to use Selenium to scrape
# -v enables verbose mode
# -o enables selecting output location

python3 -m sportyfin -nba -s -v -o ~/Desktop

# -vv specifies silent mode (no output will be produced)
# -a specifies all leagues supported by sportyfin

python3 -m sportyfin -a -vv

Once you have run the program, make sure to link to the .m3u’s in the Jellyfin dashboard:

Dashboard > Live TV > Tuner Devices (+) > Tuner Type (M3U Tuner) > File or URL (enter path)

Once the path has been defined, you can check out your streams under:

Home > Live TV > Channels (at the top)


Find all the documentation here.

Future Improvement

Add server functionality, aka, ability to access streams (m3u files) from HTTP server.


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