✨ Pizza Pizza – Pizza Store ✨

A web application for a fake Pizza Store, the app let you create an account and order pizza, complements or drinks.
Built in Python & Flask


📑 Table of Contents

🤖 Usage

You can access to it on https://pizza-pizza-store.herokuapp.com

⚙ Installation

  1. Clone the repo and go to the directory.

$ git clone https://github.com/Ari-Qu3sadillas/Pizza-Pizza-Store.git
$ cd Pizza-Pizza-Store
  1. Initialize and activate a virtualenv.

$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
  1. Install the dependencies:

$ pip install -r ./requirements.txt
  1. Move to the src directory and execute the run.py file.

$ cd src
$ python ./run.py

To configure your database URI, Secret Key and Recaptcha Keys you need to change it on configure.py
In order to change betweem the Development & Production environment you may go to the init.py file and change it manually.

🗳 Contribute

You can contribute to the development or improvement of this app and it will be much appreciated if you do 🥰

Step 1

  • Fork or Clone this repo

Step 2

  • Magic Magic Magic ✨✨✨

Step 3

  • Create a new pull request

💭 Things to do – Contribute ideas

These are things that I will implement later (You can also take these ideas if you want to contribute 😊)

  • Use the flask CLI and let the app run as development or production environment.
  • Remove inline css styles and change them for css files.
  • Fix mobile responsive.
  • Add admin blueprint.

📷 Screenshots


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