Tubee is a web application, which runs actions when your subscribed channel upload new videos, think of it as a better IFTTT but built specifically for YouTube with many enhancements.

Detaction of new channel video Push webhook via WebSub Periodically Pulling (delayed trigger)
action for multiple channel ❌ (one applet for one channel)
multiple action for single channel ❌ (one applet for one action)

This application is, and will be rolling updated, to conform author's all sort of experiments. You're welcome to use it at your own risk, guides are provided in wiki section.


Actions that may be executed upon new video being published:

  • Push Notification via
  • Add to user's YouTube playlist
  • Download to linked Dropbox folder


  • Python 3.7+
  • YouTube Data API authorization credentials in both
    • OAuth 2.0 token: used for accessing user information
    • API Keys: used for querying public metadata

For additional operation, you might also need