Corset is a web-based data selection portal that helps you getting relevant data from massive amounts of parallel data. So, if you don't need the whole corpus, but just a suitable subset (indeed, a cor(pus sub)set, this is what Corset will do for you--and the reason of the name of the tool.

Here are some highlights of what you will find in Corset:

Millions of parallel sentences to explore

  • Dive into parallel corpora performing searches at the speed of light.
  • Search in either source or target sides of corpora.
  • Keep track of your preferred searches and their details.

Tailored corpora (corsets) from big corpora

  • Get smaller and custom corpora that fit your sample text.
  • Set up the details of your corset (name, topic, languages, size) and launch your search over millions of parallel sentences.

Monitor and download corsets

  • See the status of your corsets, preview them, download them, remove or share them!
  • Take a look to shared corsets to see if they are already tailored to your needs.