Soft Serve monitor

Soft Sevre is a very nice git server. It offers a really nice TUI to browse the repositories on the server. Unfortunately, it does not offers a web interface. Here, I want to try to make a tiny web interface to present the git server and list the repositories there.


To tell the web server what files to monitor and how to login to the Soft Serve server, a JSON configuration file is needed. The JSON file needs the following fields:

Field name Description Example
ss_host The host name of URL of the Soft Serve server. “”
ss_port The port used by the Soft Serve server. 23231
repos_path The path to the folder where the git repositories are located “/srv/soft-serve/.repos”
monitor_port Port uses by the Flask web server. 8080
monitor_name A name to display to describe the server. Bobignou

This JSON file should be given as argument when running the Flask server executable.

An example is given as config.json in this repository.

Running the server

Running this server is as easy as running any other Flask server. I use the following systemd service to run it on my personal server.

Description=A soft-serve web interface

# Another Type: forking
ExecStart=/srv/soft-serve/soft-serve_monitor/ /srv/soft-serve/soft-serve_monitor/config.json



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