Matrix Content Scanner

A web service for scanning media hosted by a Matrix media repository




In a virtual environment with pip ≥ 21.1, run

pip install -e .[dev]

To run the unit tests, you can either use:

tox -e py


trial tests

To run the linters and mypy type checker, use ./scripts-dev/


The exact steps for releasing will vary; but this is an approach taken by the Synapse developers (assuming a Unix-like shell):

  1. Set a shell variable to the version you are releasing (this just makes subsequent steps easier):

  2. Update setup.cfg so that the version is correct.

  3. Stage the changed files and commit.

    git add -u
    git commit -m v$version -n
  4. Push your changes.

    git push
  5. When ready, create a signed tag for the release:

    git tag -s v$version

    Base the tag message on the changelog.

  6. Push the tag.

    git push origin tag v$version
  7. If applicable: Create a release, based on the tag you just pushed, on GitHub or GitLab.

  8. If applicable: Create a source distribution and upload it to PyPI:

    python -m build
    twine upload dist/matrix_content_scanner-$version*


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