A Windows Dock Widget Written In Pure Python

What is Venus?

Venus is a Dock Widget for your desktops interface. It adds a couple of really cool widgets and various fabrics to your desktop. It is currently still in Beta so small bugs are to be expected, At the moment Venus supports a Date-&-Time Widget, But in the near future releases more awesome widgets will be added with a configurable menu

What language is Venus Written in?

Venus BackEnd is written in Pure Python from top to bottom. Its interface uses the PyQt libary version 5

Is Venus an Open-Source Project?

No! Venus is not an Open-Source Project (Atm Currently). SecretsX, the creator of this Project has not yet decided to make it an Open-Source project. But might as well in the near future. If you want to build your own dock widget or something similer or want help on how to, my DM’s on Discord are always open.

Is Venus Safe To Use?

Yes! Venus is a 101% Safe to use application. The application is highly obfuscated using multiple excrytions/obfuscations to prevent any code leak. Venus uses different methods to override the default windows behaviour for applications so it can perform as a dock widget and stick to your desktop and not over other applications and prevent from getting minimized and so this might cause windows defender to be triggered. It is safe to use but due to the obfuscation it can be marked as an Unsafe file which antiviruses does when a program overrides the default windows behaviours like bypassing the minimize and maximize events completely. VirusTotal Scan Results

Created and Maintained by SecretsX (Me)
Discord User : Konoa#7218


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