This repo contains the toolings that was developped while writing the following blog post The blog post contains all necesary information to understand how the token manipulation internal mechanism works and how we can use it to our advantage.


This repo contains four tools:

  • A standalone binary (Impersonate/) that you can use to manipulate tokens on a Windows computers remotely (PsExec/WmiExec) or interactively
  • The CrackMapExec python module ( with the embedded Impersonate binary
  • The embedded CrackMapExec binary (CME_module/) which is the same as the Impersonate.exe binary without printf’s
  • The list_tokens.c C++ code that is presented on the blog post

Impersonate.exe usage

The Impersonate.exe tool contains three modules:

  • Impersonate list: which will list available tokens
  • Impersonate exec: which will allow you running commands impersonating a user
  • Impersonate adduser: which will allow you elevating your privileges to domain admin

Compilation instructions

In order to compile the projects you will have to switch the Runtime library options to Multi-threaded Debug (/MtD) in the project properties.


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