⚠️ Note!
As of now, this package is under early development so functionalities are bound to change drastically.
We don't recommend you currently use Pycordia in a production environment.

A work-in-progress Discord API wrapper for Python with a simple gateway and some common events implemented.

While there's currently no documentation available, use the examples for guidance. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord server to follow the changes we make, as well as receive help and talk with others!

Our examples (and future documentation) assume you're at a level of Python where you can comfortably work with Discord bots.

:gear: Installation

As of now and while this package is in early development, you'll have to install Pycordia from source.

Pycordia has been well tested on Python 3.8, however, 3.7 and above are supported.

First, clone this repository either through Git or Github.

Next, proceed to run the file as in:

$ python sdist     # Should work everywhere
$ python3 sdist    # Should work on most *nix systems; use on MacOS
$ py -3 sdist      # Should work on Windows

cd into the new dist directory and run the created .tar.gz file.

$ pip install pycordia-<version>.tar.gz         # Should work everywhere
$ pip3 install pycordia-<version>.tar.gz        # Should work on most *nix systems; use on MacOS
$ python -m pip install pycordia-....tar.gz     # Alternative; should work everywhere
$ python3 -m pip install pycordia-....tar.gz    # Alternative; use on MacOS
$ py -3 -m pip install pycordia-....tar.gz      # Alternative; use on Windows

:ping_pong: Example of a simple Ping-Pong Bot

from pycordia import events, models
import pycordia
import dotenv
import os

client = pycordia.Client(intents=pycordia.Intents.all())

async def on_ready(event: events.ReadyEvent):
    print(f"{event.user} ready to do stuff!", client.intents)

async def on_message_create(msg: models.Message):
    if or not msg.content:

    if msg.content.startswith(".ping"):
        embed = models.Embed.create(description=":ping_pong: Pong!")
        embed.color = 0xFF123A

        await models.Message.create(embeds=[embed]).send(client, msg.channel_id)"DISCORD_TOKEN"))


  • on_ready: events.ReadyEvent
  • on_message_create: models.Message
  • on_typing_start: events.TypingStartEvent
  • on_message_delete, on_message_delete_bulk: events.MessageDeleteEvent

For all other events as of now, you'll receive raw JSON data which you'll have to handle yourself.

GitHub - angelCarias/pycordia: The Discord bot framework for Python
The Discord bot framework for Python. Contribute to angelCarias/pycordia development by creating an account on GitHub.