A working roblox account generator (state 11.5.2021) it doesnt bypass the capcha stuff cuz these didnt showed up in
my test runs i have no clue why i made this just had the idea out of no where
To be honest i have no clue about the captcha its probably FunCaptcha but i have no clue how they make it cuz sometimes it will be shown and sometimes it doesnt.
If you have an idea you can create a pull requests.
I’m realy sorry but somehow i fucked up the gen so after a few accounts it will just keep opening chrome but not generate accounts.
But until that point (its arround 4 accounts) it will work fine and wait until you filled out the captcha


git clone the repo
install all requirements (run.bat installs everything)

pip install colorama requests wget selenium


It does what it says, it generates roblox accounts using threading so you can generate a lot of accounts and it will save the username and password in a login.txt file and will print the username password and date of birth in the console


Optional AutoUpdate
– Captcha Bypass
– Sorting code


This program is made for educational purpose only. By using this Program, you agree that you hold responsibility and accountability of any consequences caused by your actions.


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