This repository contains code for a youtube-dl GUI written in PyQt. It is based on youtube-dl which is a Video downloading script maintained by various contributers and released in Public Domain. This GUI code is currently written for Python v3.x. Please note that this GUI code is released under the MIT License and not Public Domain.


Requirement for build Binaries/Executables


This application has the following features:

  • supports downloading videos from 200+ websites
  • allows to download multiple videos in parallel
  • shows download statistics separately for each video
  • Resumes interrupted downloads
  • Downloads the video in best quality


  • Allow pause/resume functionality
  • integrate save state
  • integrate post processing options
  • integrate batch add feature
  • integrate Queue to make it stable
  • Change for PyInstaller: - see Windows
  • Fix Convert (main:MainWindow.convert_file)


Run the file like this:

python pyinstaller

This will result in a dist and build directory. Simply go to the dist directory and you will get a youtube-dl-gui.exe file and some other files. That youtube-dl-gui.exe file is a standalone executable which can be run simply by double clicking it. You can distribute that file to your friend.