BFS SOAP API wrapper

Simply specify the method you are interested in.

Instantiate client

from bfs import Bfs

config = {
  "bricknode": {
      "wsdl": "",
      "credentials": {
        "username": "ENVIRONMENT_USERNAME",
        "password": "ENVIRONMENT_PASSWORD"
      "identifier": "ENVIRONMENT_IDENTIFIER"

bfs = Bfs(config)


accounts = bfs.get(bfs.methods.GET_ACCOUNTS)

Filter using the args parameter, support for UUIDs and strings:

instrument = bfs.get(bfs.methods.GET_INSTRUMENTS, args={
    "BrickIds": ["59cc4559-7b6b-490e-816a-89ec12ed8e94"]

instrument = bfs.get(bfs.methods.GET_INSTRUMENTS, args={
    "ISINs": ["SE0006259594"]


Using the skip_validation_for_empty_values flag we can create a minimal object without the client protesting

person = {
    'FirstName': 'Jane',
    'LastName': 'Doe',
    'UserName': 'janedoe',
    'Password': 'janedoe.4.ever',
    'Email': '[email protected]',
    'Domain': 'Front',
    'IsNaturalPerson': True

created_persons = bfs.create(bfs.methods.CREATE_PERSONS, entities=[person], skip_validation_for_empty_values=True)


The execute method is added for code clarity, it has the same internal requirements as create

transfer_orders = [{
        'FromAccountBrickId': 'fbce4894-5f3c-49c3-87c4-62e8f3dae52f',
        'ToAccountBrickId': 'ef403f20-dfa7-4930-9e65-409d744856f8',
        'Units': 607500,
        'Comment': 'My comment',
        'TradeDate': '2021-01-11',
        'SettlementDate': '2021-01-13',
        'ValueDate': '2021-01-11',
        'InstrumentBrickId': '142f5c35-26b3-4697-87ac-81e672280b17',
        'OverrideOwnershipChangeValidation': True

created_transfer_orders = bfs.create(bfs.methods.CREATE_INTERNAL_INSTRUMENT_TRANSFER_ORDERS, entities=transfer_orders,

entities = list(map(lambda o: {'InternalTransferOrderBrickId': o['BrickId']}, created_transfer_orders))
result = bfs.execute(bfs.methods.EXECUTE_INTERNAL_TRANSFER_ORDERS, entities=entities)


Unless we are skipping validation, Updating an object often requires posting an entire object in with valid values, even though you most likely only want to update a few completely different ones. It is then mostly helpful to get the object and then modify it.

persons = bfs.get(bfs.methods.GET_PERSONS, args={
    'BrickIds': ['6e12ec5a-89e0-4c63-a04c-32141ef90a04']

update_person = persons[0]

You can then update the property you want to change, remember to define the fields you want affected. Any other fields updated will not be persisted.

update_person['Email'] = '[email protected]'

result = bfs.update(bfs.methods.UPDATE_PERSONS,
                        'Email': True


This can be used for deleting POAs and Allocation Profiles. Not supporting DeleteFile, which requires a FileInfoDelete object as input.

brick_ids = [

result = bfs.delete(bfs.methods.DELETE_POAS, brick_ids=brick_ids)


Enables cancellation, adding an entity as WorkflowTriggerDataEntity of the cancel request.

entity = {
    'OrderNo': 123456

result = bfs.cancel(bfs.methods.CURRENCY_EXCHANGE_ORDER__CANCEL, entity=entity)


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