This is Eden Park’s portpolio: Works, projects and practices

This repository can be used to show the potential employers to check my works, code and projects. Some of the projects are not professional but progression can be seen while working on multiple project as time goes.

Getting Started

This portpolio repository can be categorized in many programming languages. Once you click the main language, then you can see each project that has been completed, suspended for some reasons or being worked.


  • Algorithm – Algorithm problem solved with C#, Python, or Java or C. I tried to use different languages to solve complex problems for the purose to obtain the knowledge by using it
  • C# – Composed of Console Projects, Windows Applicstions and Web projects
  • Flutter – Simple applications with a few screens to switch around with authentication
  • PHP – PHP applications, mostly built with Laravel
  • Pyhon – Django Projects
  • Unity – Games with Unity and embedded system


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