ABT aka Animated Background Tool is a windows only python program that makes it that you can have animated background.

???? ??, An Important ABT Guide

This Guide Goes Through all the needed Subjects and Topics.


  • INSTALLATION: To Start The Program You must have all the pips installed. To Check If You Installed The pips, Go to the Tools Folder and enter installer.bat. (It Will Install All Pips Necessary)

The ABT Guide

  • Playing BGS: Run The App, and then press on “Play Current BG” to play a bg. (The Default Background first time is “vhs”.)

  • Adding BGS: Go To The “backgrounds” Folder, and Then, Enter the “bgs” Folder, After that add your bg folder to the “bgs” folder. (To Check If It Worked, Go To The “Change Your BG” Chapter Down Below.)

  • Change Your Current BG: Go To “Change Current BG” in the app and press on it. Then, write what bg you would like to use and continue.

  • BG MAKER: Manual Bg Maker Not Out Yet!!! Video To Bg: Give A FULL Directory of a video, and the BGS name (It will turn it into a bg and save it in the “bg” folder).

!!! IMPORTANT !!! – To Exit A Menu (like the EX: “Change Current BG” menu), write “!exit”.

  • Settings: To Toggle a [T/F] Value, you must write “!t vars_name_with_underscore_and_lowercase“. EX: (“!t fast_mode”) To Toggle Fast Mode.


  • Fast_Mode: Makes ABT WAYYY less preformance heavy, but the Key Input For Exiting might be a little glichty.


Thats It For V1!!!



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