Exitlag Account Activator

Activate exitlag trial accounts (unlimited trial accounts)


This script is created for educational purposes only, I am not responsible for the misuse of this product.


  1. A Brain
  2. Python Installed

Features Exitlag Account Activator:

  1. Resets Trial (Unlimited usage)
  2. Easy to Use.

Note (How to use Exitlag Account Activator):

  • Download and install python and exitlag.
  • Download main.py to your Downloads folder.
  • Create a account on exitlag with the password gatolouco
  • You can use this working TEMP MAIL to create temp mails for Exitlag.
  • Now open CMD and type pip install websockets to install the module.
  • After that type python Downloads/main.py or add the location if your files download somewhere else.
  • Type the account's email and press return.
  • It should activate the account and you will get free access to exitlag for 3 days.
  • Now simply login using the email in exitlag software that you have downloaded earlier.

Have a nice day :)