Active Offline Policy Selection

This is supporting example code for NeurIPS 2021 paper Active Offline Policy
by Ksenia Konyushkova*, Yutian
Chen*, Tom Le Paine, Caglar Gulcehre, Cosmin Paduraru, Daniel J Mankowitz,
Misha Denil, Nando de Freitas.

To simulate the active offline policy selection for a set of policies, one needs
to provide a number of files. We provide the files for 76 policies on
cartpole_swingup environemnt.

  1. Sampled episodic returns for all policies on a number of evalauation episodes
    (full-reward-samples-dict.pkl), or a way of sampling a new episode of
    evaluation upon request for any policy. The file
    full-reward-samples-dict.pkl contains a dictionary that maps a policy by
    its string representation to a numpy.ndarray of of shape (5000,) (number of
    reward samples).

  2. Off-policy evaluation score, such as fitted Q-evaluation (FQE) for all
    policies (ope_values.pkl). The file ope_values.pkl contains
    dictionary that maps policy info into OPE estimates. We provide FQE scores
    for the policies.

  3. Actions that policies take on 1000 randomly sampled states from the offline
    dataset (actions.pkl). The file actions.pkl contains a dictionary
    with keys actions and policy_keys. actions is a list of 1000 (
    number of states used to compute the kernel) elements of numpy.ndarray type of
    dimensionality 76×1 (number of policies by the dimensionality of the actions).
    policy_keys contains a dictionary mapping from string representation of a
    policy to the index of that policy in actions.


To set up the virtual environment, run the following commands.
From within the active_ops directory:

python3 -m venv active_ops_env
source active_ops_env/bin/activate

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the demo with colab, enable the jupyter_http_over_ws extension:

jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyter_http_over_ws

Finally, start a server:

jupyter notebook \
  --NotebookApp.allow_origin='' \
  --port=8888 \


To run the code refer to Active_ops_experiment.ipynb colab notebook.
Execute blocks of code one by one to reproduce the final plot. You can modify
various parameters maked by @param to test various baselines in modified
settings. This code loads the example of data for cartpole_environment provided
in the data folder. Using this data, we reproduce the results of Figure 14 of
the paper.

Citing this work

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4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit


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