CC3 Blender Tools

An add-on for importing and automatically setting up materials for Character Creator 3 character exports.

Using Blender in the Character Creator 3 pipeline can often feel like hitting a brick wall. Spending potentially hours having to get the import settings correct and setting up the materials often with hundreds of textures.

This add-on aims to reduce that time spent getting characters into Blender down to just a few seconds and make use of as many of the exported textures as possible so that character artists can work in the highest quality possible using Blender.

Installation, Updating, Removal

To Install

  • Download the latest release.
  • In Blender go to menu Edit->Preferences then select Add-ons.
  • Click the Install button at the top of the preferences window and navigate to where you downloaded the zip file, select the file and click Install Add-on.
  • Activate the add-on by ticking the checkbox next to Edit->Preferences then select Add-ons
  • The add-ons functionality is available through the CC3 Tab in the tool menu to the right of the main viewport. Press N to show the tools if they are hidden.

To Remove

  • From the menu: Edit->Preferences then select Add-ons
  • In the search box search All add-ons for "CC3 Tools"
  • Deactivate the add-on by unticking the checbox next to Edit->Preferences then select Add-ons.
  • Then click the Remove button.

To Update

  • Remove the current version of the add-on by following the remove instructions above.
  • Follow the installation instructions, above, to install the new version.