This repository is for adding codes of data structures and algorithms, leetCode, hackerrank etc solutions in different languages


  • Go through the Contributing Guidelines for a detailed information on contributing to this repository!
  • For beginners – Jump to this section.
  • PRs made without adding any useful Resource / Code / Solving Issues will be marked as invalid/spam.

For beginners

  • If this is your first time creating a Pull Request – go through the next section to know how to create one.
  • If you feel you don’t have any code, don’t worry! You can pick up one of the issues, solve them in your preferred language and add that code in a Markdown file inside the respective folder according to the contributing guidelines.

Creating a pull request

  1. Fork and Star this repository
  2. Create a new git branch
  3. Add files / Modify files
  4. Add and commit your changes
  5. Push your changes to your forked repository
  6. Open this repository and click on Pull requests and then the New Pull Request button
  7. Click on compare across forks and select head repository as your own forked repository and the new branch with changes
  8. Click on Create pull request

And voila! You have created a new pull request! Now all that’s left is for the maintainer for the project/repository to review your PR and merge it if it is good to go!


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Happy coding!