Bake to Target

This Blender Addon adds a new shader node type capable of reducing the texture-bake step to a single button press.

Please note that this is not a polished addon, it is designed to work around one problem and not much else.



The node is found under Add > Bake > Bake to Target It has only one input, Color, and the following parameters:

  • Mode: The bake type, Image or Vertex Colors
  • Image: (Image Mode) The image to bake to.
  • Output: (Image Mode, optional) The file path to write the result to.
  • Append Object: (Image Mode, optional) Whether to append the name of the baked object to the output file path or not.
  • Object: (Vertex Colors Mode) The object to use for baking.
  • Vertex Colors: (Vertex Colors Mode) The Vertex Colors layer to use for baking.

This node also has a Bake button, pressing this button will setup a bake operation using the target parameters of the node.


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