FiveM Discord Administration Panel

Version 1.0.0

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Control Server Fivem From Discord


  • Set Time
  • Stop Resource
  • Start Resource
  • Set Admin Level
  • Set Weather
  • Custom Command
  • With Show Count Of Player In Server
  • Server Build
  • …..

Upcoming Features

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Python Libraries

  • Discord
  • request
  • discord_components


First :

  • 1 Create Bot & Get Token Bot From
  • 2 Install Python Libraries
  • 3 put folder in resource folder in your fivem server
  • 4 in server.cfg write add_ace resource.IsM_Panel command allow
  • 5 config your bot in config.json
  • 6 run cmd in folder & type python
  • 7 and start resource
  • 8 Enjoy !

Custom Command

In Write:

async def CommandName(self, ctx, id, perm):
	if cheakadmin(
		request(f"CommandName {arguments} {arguments}")
		await ctx.send(">>> CommandName Has Ben Successful")

In You Script For Command Write:

RegisterCommand("CommandName", function(source, args)
    if source == 0 then
        -- ....

Example Config

    "Token":"OTA2ND2kxMjcyNsjQ1MTkzNzQ5.YY6ZZyQ.vOXIKk7NMm5VVg5GxWyRBIHm1fUo", // Token Bot Discord
    "Perfix":"-", // Perfix Bot
    "Status": ["IsM Company", "By NImaism"], // Status
    "Users": [
            "Server": "Sosis Land", // Server Name
            "Owner": "NImaism", // Server Owner Name
            "Admins":[841250866895781918], // Discord User Id For Use Command
            "Ip":"", // Ip:Port Server
            "Site":"" // Link Server In Fivem Server List Site



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