Advanced Variable Manager {AVM} [0.8.0]

By Grosse pastèque#6705


This modules need some typing modifications ! If you try to run it without these modifications, an Error will occur.

For more informations go Here

Usage :

  • Function’s args type checking
  • Function’s args fast converting
  • Pattern matching
  • Variable checking
  • More types

Functionnalities :

Functions :

Functions Decorator Usage
type_check YES Check function’s args types.
convertor YES Convert function’s args values.
parameters NO Return all arguments of the passed function
str_of YES Return a string vizualisation of the given class
add_ctype YES Adds a custom type to custom_types
length_check YES Check the length `(int: max-lenght, int: max-lenght)
custom_types NO Variable that contains all the Custom Types

Custom Types :

CType Has arguments Usage
Function NO Function checking (NB: lambda functions types is also function)
Module NO Module checking
Class YES Class checking (is_init=False)
Union YES Value type in *args
File YES File checking (checks if file exists)
Dict YES Better dict checing
Int YES Better int checking
Str YES Better str checking

Important Features :

Function Usage
Pattern Check a variable for the given pattern (uses recursions)
CType Used as parent for new custom types

Errors :

Error Usage
FileExtensionError When file doesn’t exists
PatternError When patterns is incorrect

Examples :

I have created three examples to help you understand a bit more if you want. In Here.


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