An After Effects render queue for ShotGrid Toolkit.


  • Render multiple comps to locations defined by templates in your Toolkit config.
  • Compress full-res renders as MP4 and GIF using ffmpeg.
  • Copy compressed renders to a review folder.
  • Upload renders to ShotGrid for review.


To install AEQueue make the changes in the example_config directory to your own toolkit config. This includes the following:

  1. Modify env/app_locations.yml to include tk-aftereffects-queue.
  2. Add env/includes/settings/tk-aftereffects-queue.yml to configure AEQueue. (See info.yml for details on configuration values.)
  3. Modify env/includes/settings/tk-aftereffects.yml to include AEQueue in your asset_step and shot_step sections for the tk-aftereffects engine.


  • Make UI dpi-aware.
  • Add Publish step to publish the base render (and aep?)
  • Add pre and post render hooks.


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