Project still under heavy development

Everything will be changed in the release

“ Hey there
I’m Daisy „

AI based Advanced telegram Group Management Bot Suit For All Your Needs


Avaiilable on Telegram as @DaisyXBot


  • SaitamaRobot
  • MissJuliaRobot
  • SuzuyaProbot
  • Daisy
  • FridayUserbot
  • Uniborg
  • Telethon
  • Pyrogram
  • Skylee
  • emilia

The bot is based on the original work done by PaulSonOfLars This repo was just revamped to suit an Anime-centric community. All original credits go to Paul and his dedication, Without his efforts, this fork would not have been possible!

All other credits mentioned on top of scripts

Should any be missing kindly let us know at InfinityJE or simply submit a pull request on the readme.

Daisy X the telegram Bot Project

The Main Branch (Basic features only)

DaisyX v1.0(core)

Special Credits