Announcement ?:

Few new things have been added into the code [16/05/2021]

  • different names is asked for each seat
  • different phone number is asked for each seat
  • All the issues present in the first program have been fixed in this one with more adaptations

If you want the code before this change you can access that code here


  • Adding new exception handeling cases soon
  • A Train Seat Reservation system program is still a work in progress

License and copyright

This repository is licensed under MIT License

Program Output

image10 0
image10 1
image10 2
image10 3

Latest Update:

Calcualting the cost
image9 9

How to customize this..

You can change the colouring of the text… ie. change {bcolors.WARNING}...{bcolors.ENDC to {bcolors.FAIL}...{bcolors.ENDC}

You can change the availability of seats by chnaging the boolean value of occupies_seats[] variable

True means that the seat is booked

False means that the seat is available

You can ctrl+f to find all the and ctrl+r to replace them with your github link

Exception Handeling

Case 1: When accpeting phone numbers

image10 4

Case 2: When entering the date

image10 5

Case 3: Small Summary:

image10 8

Case 4: When entering the time for any booking on the same day

image10 6

Case 5: Trying to book already reserved seats

image10 7

Case 6: Trying to book your seat again

Displays the same message as above

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